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Interesting, lingering and Chinese valentine's day, the north sea square mountain music party

Date: 2017-08-28

Coincides with "Tanabata", to create a strong festival atmosphere, the evening of August 27, the north sea hotel invited huangshan city group and literary backbone at the top of the huangshan infatuated deduced an alpine concert together, enrich the audio-visual experience of the masses of tourists.


  Party from the curtain slowly guzheng ensemble with the bamboo flute, warble music makes people spellbound, again is a graceful dance "dai is more let a person staring, HuiJu" the drunken beauty "is to show the charm of huizhou opera culture incisively and vividly, f," about the huangshan mountain "with the sounds of nature deeply expresses the feelings of huangshan, won a burst of applause. In addition, there are hotel, male solo employees huangmei opera, opera figure of another, but also showed the versatility of the north sea people.Attracts many tourists to watch the party of the interactive game "lovers hug" and "will you marry me" is the atmosphere to a climax.Pairs of lovers to participate in the program, expression of friendship and love for each other, the scene cheering, soul.but about beats, let "Tanabata" festival atmosphere more strong.After the game, the hotel also for participants are prepared to send small gifts.The party ended, there are many tourists.A tourist from Taiwan, holding his lover's hand and said, "I didn't think to so beautiful huangshan see so good show, this is for me and I love the best Chinese valentine's day gift!Later, I also will come to huangshan mountain."The party is one of huangshan scenic spot summer carnival activities, although the summer is drawing to a close, but colorful activity continues, can let more visitors feel the charm of mount huangshan.