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The north sea hotel party branch in the city, anti-corruption warning education base to develop learning education activities

Date: 2017-09-26

In order to further strengthen the party's style of the cultivation of clean government and anti-corruption education, strengthening the party member the leading cadre ideological awareness, improve honest self-discipline consciousness, enhance the capacity of combating, September 26, the north sea hotel organization branch party members, the party activists and key post personnel to anti-corruption warning education bases for anti-corruption education, had a vivid warning education for party members and cadres.Warning education base in the exhibition hall is divided into mountain, water, people, four parts, we follow the narrator's explanation, has four parts of the exhibition hall for the visit, through a lot of words, pictures, video, audio, and physical, further insight into the significance of party to build a clean government and combat corruption and build a clean government.Familiar pictures, one of the typical case analysis, one heavy confession, to visit the hearts and minds of each of the party members and cadres by the baptism of a strong shock and deep.Through this warning education activities, the party members and cadres are deeply felt the duty crime harm, the urgency of the anti-corruption, integrity, warning that the importance of education.Have said, in the future work, must firmly establish a service for the people thought, strengthening honest industry and legal consciousness, enhancing ideological and moral lines, enhance the capacity of combating, truly realizes the aim of the serving the people wholeheartedly.