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Do a good job in service with a smile showing the north sea

Date: 2017-10-23

Autumn in October, the beautiful attracts many tourists from home and abroad to come to huangshan mountain to admire the autumn.The staff of the north sea hotel in busy daily reception work at the same time, actively practice "tourists as this, sincere service" core values, tourism industry in providing guests with a smile services have sprung up in many good deeds, won a positive guest thumb up.
Search also to south Korean tourist wallet, employees credit: morning, on October 21, a south Korean tourist will purse was lost in the guest room, when you leave the store being guest room cleaning Hu Suping found when cleaning, then immediately transferred to the front desk attendant hands, and together they check goods in wallet, has won more than 20 and other important documents), after completes the registration report to management, contact the front desk actively looking for the tourists, fortunately, the guest does not go far, more than half an hour after the return to sign to receive items, happy, she tightly hold the hand of the staff, with less skilled Chinese bother to say "thank you!".
Considerate people convenient old man, meticulous service won praise: on October 22, the hotel for a group of special guests - old age group composed of 13 people.After a day after the long journey, everybody is very tired, there is an old man injured his knee.Marketing manager in know that they live in GongYang 5th floor, need to take the stairs action inconvenience, immediately help link, to change the old man to don't need to climb the stairs of the main building rooms.The careful arrangement to let the old man feel warm, specifically borrowed pen and wrote a thank-you note, and thank you especially in the hotel's official website after return message.
Such examples abound in the north sea hotel, regardless of the job is busy is idle, the north sea people has been close to the guest services, hold position, with the practical action to practice the concept of "three people", contributing to huangshan mountain scenery beauty more beautiful ".