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The north sea hotel learning spirit of implementing the 19th for project meeting

Date: 2017-10-31

Morning of October 31, the north sea hotel 19 large focused learning, hotel more than mid-level managers, all party members and the party activists.
During the meeting, all seriously study the 19th report of the communist party of China, branch secretary, general manager li-ping ding lead the sharing the 19th the feelings of great spiritual learning, and puts forward higher requirements for the next study.
A further study.Must be combined with the labor of duty, the thorough study appreciate 19 big spirits and xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics new era, actively carry out after entering a new era of new tasks and new requirements, to complete each work solidly.
The second is the key to learn.On the basis of a comprehensive system earnestly study the report and the party's 19 new revision of the constitution, in the process of learning to grasp the key, the focus, focus on new ideas, new assertion, new measures, strengthen the bear, with practice, focus on the concept of internalization in heart, externalized in shape, used to guide practical work.
Three is innovation.In addition to focus on learning, branch to innovation of methodology, through "three will be a lesson", organizational learning theory seminar, speech contest and so on many ways, enriching the content of learning, and broaden the study carrier, expand the publicity and implementation level.
The meeting also stressed that we should put the strategy into the party's 19 working ideas, work steps and concrete action, united lead the memorial staff vigorously promotes the work carries out, go all out to do a good job of the north sea hotel, take concrete actions to achieve the goal of the determine the party's 19 task to make positive contribution.