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The north sea hotel began filming micro movie "reunion warm winter"

Date: 2017-11-21

Recently, the cold wave comes huangshan, bring the wonders of a rime at the same time, the north sea hotel in micro movie competition works of "reunion warm winter" officially kicked off.Reunion "warm winter" is about a married couple for many years in huangshan mountain in the north sea hotel during the Spring Festival period to hold the moving story.Their daughter was originally do not understand why parents can't celebrate the New Year went down the mountain, compromise and came to the New Year's day;After his father in a rescue guests accident was injured in the operation of incident, to understand the meaning of parents to work, work is not easy to understand the parents;On New Year's eve gala at the hotel, the daughter to his parents speak out, to hide in the heart already a long time to a parent's love cried out, the family at the top of the huangshan mountain through a happy reunion of the Spring Festival.The micro film objectively reflects the beihai hotel employees in huangshan stick to moving story, from script writing modification to the actor's selection, and then to formal, hotel full action, closely cooperate with each department, and invite professional team to pavilion assistance;There are hardships and happiness in the process of filming, although the "actors" non-professional origins, but a than a serious and responsible, trying to interpret the characters, fully showing the scenic spot worker dedication to good spirit.In just a few degrees below zero cold night, or in the cold wind blow mountain pass, everyone seriously, insisted that let every scene to be able to get the best show.The film still in production tension, is expected to finish at the end of post-production, meet with the audience.