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The north sea hotel held 2017 annual production safety review meeting

Date: 2018-01-04

On January 4 in the morning, the north sea hotel held in the fourth quarter of 2017 and annual review meeting, the production safety of the hotel safety leadership team members to attend.First of all, the hotel safety leadership team to lead the participants, communicate the company safety working meeting requirements and related document spirit, emphasize to carry out the safe production responsibility system, strengthening the importance of safety supervision work;To the competent department in the whole year of 2017 and the hotel's safety inspection, hidden dangers rectification of bulletin, detailed summed up to a year hotel safety propaganda and training, emergency drill, funding for production safety work, do work safety in production into the open and transparent.Then, each department head from staff training, standardized operation, fire safety, power management, stability against terrorism, respectively for 2017 department of work safety in production is summarized, analyze the deficiency, sharing experience and measures, the safety in production work to lay a solid foundation for the coming year.Finally, hotel safety leading group is the recent work of production safety to make relevant requirements: one is to continue to pay special attention to safety education and training employees, stable cross work requirements, pays special attention to the drill, standardize the management process, the safety work habit, further improve the safety production consciousness;2 it is must be a period of time, frequency strengthen key areas, key period of electricity, fire control safety inspection work, find potential safety hazard in time and place it in the bud;3 it is to emphasize safety work execution, do a good job, personnel on duty unattended, in case of emergency, to respond quickly, properly handle the relevant personnel to arrive in time according to the process requirement;Four is required to do a good job of stability anti-terrorism, do a good job in the front desk "four real registration", increase security awareness, and actively create a harmonious and stable atmosphere of safety in production;Five is to come as soon as possible work safety in production and daily training plan in 2018, in time to sign the annual security responsibility, strengthen the responsibility, highlight the priorities and to have annual production safety work, the better off.