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Beihai hotel actively carry out fire safety training work in winter

Date: 2018-01-04

In order to further strengthen the winter production safety management, strengthen the consciousness of the staff fire safety, effectively prevent and resolutely curb all kinds of accidents, in the north sea hotel in batches in winter fire safety knowledge training to employees.Training content is divided into three aspects: one is the express company for work safety in production work instructions and related documents of production safety requirements;Second, the study of the state council general office issued by the measures for the implementation of the fire control safety responsibility, just method mentioned in the fire control safety responsibility system to carry out the interpretation and other related content;Three revolves around the winter with fire and electricity safety problems, combined with the scenic spot fire brigade to provide typical fire accident cases of video material, is common in daily work life hidden perils in safety, electrical equipment used for personal safety awareness and precautions of the content such as a serious analysis.This training has obtained the good effect, all staff in the accident case painful lessons, boost the safety consciousness and the concept of fire, and to strengthen the standardized operation, work safety in production level.At present, the focal point of the north sea hotel security management is paying special attention to the work safety in production in the winter, through in-depth to carry out the hidden perils in safety production management, dig weak links and problems existing in the safety work, the full implementation of each link, all parts of the safety management responsibility and security measures, to ensure that the hotel job target production safety without accidents.