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The north sea hotel won the title of huangshan city the third batch of production safety demonstration enterprises

Date: 2017-04-14

The north sea hotel in huangshan city of production safety meetings held recently won the third batch of "safe production demonstration enterprise" honorary title.For a long time, the north sea hotel in mind that the security mission, in-depth implementation of safe production "Ann" action, to attach great importance to the production safety, multi-pronged effort to ensure the safety in production work.
Is a compaction main body responsibility, clear responsibility.Hotel room for a long time, adhere to the "first responsibility of general manager, deputy general manager Shared responsibility, each department manager directly responsible" the responsibility of the management system, strictly guarded "party and government with the principal, a pair of responsibilities, manages concertedly, negligence liability", the responsibility of the hotel between the safe production responsibility of the various departments, ministries goalkeeper safety production work put in place;The second is to strengthen supervision, strengthen the hidden dangers rectification.Hotel system implementation monthly special inspection of production safety work, in practice, the hotel will be fully check regularly and not part of the spot check on a regular basis, the combination of responsibility department to check out the hidden trouble project requirement the improvement list, clear improvement method and period, and unified with the result of corrective feedback, do regular inspection, regular rectification, put an end to all kinds of potential safety problems;Third, attaches great importance to the basic work, comprehensive production safety.Publicity and education work in full swing, within the range of the hotel to carry out the production safety publicity and education activities, use of publicity column, LED display and other facilities and use the hotel an assembly, a variety of forms such as department briefing within China, create a good atmosphere of production safety;Emergency rescue capabilities, to improve the security of stable cross knowledge should know should, strictly regulate the special equipment operating procedures, organize fire extinguisher of actual combat, the elevator evacuation drill, enhance employee safety production consciousness, hotel and improve the prevention and control of emergency ability;Holding tightly to archives management work of production safety related graphic images, sorting through all according to the project, and focus deposited in the archives, ensure safe working erratically, mark.