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Huangshan free policy to open again

Date: 2017-03-01

Huangshan city tourism development steering committee on the implementation of "use Huang Zhou" activities of the notice
Each district and county people's government, huangshan scenic area management committee: according to the city tour refers to appoint brigade huang refers to the document no. [2017] of the 08 deployment and requirements, to strengthen the mountain mountain marketing cooperation, further expand the tourism market in the province, through research, the city decided to municipalities in the province to carry out the "huangshan travel week" series of activities, and introduced the related preferential policies.Now the matters related to notice the following:
A, activity implementation object
15, residents in the province, hefei, luan, chuzhou, bengbu, huainan and huaibei, suzhou, fuyang, bozhou, ma on shan, wuhu, xuancheng, tongling and anqing, chizhou.
Second, the active content
1, during the activity, the city 51 in the A level above all scenic spots (points) for 15, residents in the province to implement the tickets in installment optimal exemption policy;Of huangshan scenic spot period specified in the municipal scenic spot tickets free policy implementation, local other 50 A level scenic area (spot) implementation period specified in the municipal scenic spot tickets are half price preferential policies.
2, preferential range excluding cableway, the cable car, boat, scenic area scenic area such as traffic, spa experience in other consumer items.
3, 15, residents in the province (including county and city) by his valid id (who is a minor under age 18 but by registered permanent residence this getting the original), can enjoy preferential remission activity during the activity.
Third, the specific time
2017 preferential remission for 15 cities each week, municipalities designated time is as follows:
On March 20 (Monday) - 26 (Sunday), "hefei week"
June 1 (Thursday) - 7 (Wednesday) "bozhou, fuyang week"
Thursday, June 8-14 (Wednesday), "suzhou, huaibei week"
Thursday, June 15-21 (Wednesday), "huainan, bengbu weeks"
On 22 June (Thursday) - 28 (Wednesday), the "chuzhou, six weeks"
On November 1 (Wednesday) - 7 (Tuesday), "wuhu, xuancheng week"
On November 8 (Wednesday) - 14 (Tuesday), "anqing, saddle weeks"
On November 15th (Wednesday) - 21 (Tuesday), "chizhou, tongling week"