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Beihai Hotel implement the '2 +3' managed care initiatives to strengthen its own tent

Date: 2013-04-30

April 29nighttime,Huangshan Scenic Areausher in thestrong rainfall, in order tohighlight the "in order topeople-oriented"management philosophy, social returns, the North Seaguesthousepairs ofbring their ownTentofficers to take"2 of+3"solicitudeinitiatives,twowarm reminder,threesatisfied with theservice, give themcreate a goodtourism environment.

First, thedo a good jobfire prevention publicityreminder.Rightbring their owntentspersonnelaccomplishone by oneto remind, asking them tostrengthen the preventiveawareness,not in thetentswithin thesmoke, use naked, pay attention tosafety, maintenancescenic spotstourism order.Twoyesaccomplishstrong rainfallcope withreminder.Guesthouseestablished a safetypatrolsteam,rightbring their owntentsstaff to implementidentityregistration of,in a timely manneropening ofsecurityservice hotline,do a good jobwell-intentionedto remind thewith theto inform,remind them of thescenic areathe nightwill have thestrongrainstormthe weather, in case ofunexpected events, the first timewith theguesthousesecuritycontact the,resolved.Threeyes righttentspersonnelimplemented a triageplacement services.Due tocomes with thetentspersonnelin order tostudentdominated, clothingthin, broughttentsrudimentary.Night,scenic areaunder theonwardsrainstorm,rainfall reached108 mm,for the implementation ofhumane management, guesthousesin a timely mannershunt placement ofcomes with thetentspersonnel nearly300people, respectively,to provideon the first floorrestaurant, large hallsthe promenadeand other places,give themrest,adjustments.Fouris to strengthen theon-site managementcontrol services.Due tocomes with thetentspersonnelrelatively concentrated,order to strengthen thesuddenevent management, guesthousesin a timely mannerstart the "Beihai Hotelprominentevent processingcontingency plan",timely manner withthe infirmarypersonnelcontact the, accept thenighttime"barrier-free"emergency room,arrangetwosecurity, the implementation ofregional securitymonitoring,on dutyleadershipaccomplishfront command, in-depthtourists,carry outholding stabilitymanage.Fiveis to implementconvenience services,contribute to the community.In order to reducedue to strongrains led totouristsmoodfluctuations in, guesthousesfor touristsdistributed free of chargeHuangshanplaying cards,to provideentertainment.Nightly manager'sin a timely mannersent togreetings tosound of, and guidethem to reduce thestrong rainfallcomebelt'sanxietydissatisfaction.Open a green channel,free of chargeto provideginger soupservices.

Through the "two+3"solicitudeinitiatives,"May Day"Golden Weekfirst day of the, the North Seaguesthousethe variouswork in an orderlyto carry out,achieve "zero"complaintgoal,"zero" safeincident occurs, theget thethe majority of touriststhe unanimouspraise.