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We first reduce waste saving actions

Date: 2013-04-30

"May Day"small holiday period,Beihai Hotelto"savingourfirstreduce wastein action"as the theme,from the details ofaspects,carefullytapthe potential savings, to carry outa series ofenergy-savingactivities.Implementation ofenergy-savingdigitalcontrol.The variousfacilities and equipmentoperationfor fulldayrunning records,grasptheconventional controlinto digitalquantization control,the regionaluse ofpowerimplementation of digitalregistration,and markedthe peak ofusedpower,analyze the causes andtake measures tofacilitate thetimelycontrol,reduce the use ofpower.Further promote the"civilizedtable"action.Buffet table, addingconserve resources, reduce waste, to be adisctoursReminderCard,to remind visitorsmoderateamount ofaccess.For zerola carte service, the staffdoa timely reminder ofthe processconcerneda reasonablelowerconsumption and reduceunnecessary wasteguests.Launched the "May Day"greenteam meal, according tothe number ofadditionalpeopleaddmeal,minusonelessmeal,anddoteam mealcrudevegetablesecret agents,focus on "color, flavor and"taste,to meet customerdemand forhigh-level.